Every Artist’s Idea of Infinity is Different — What is Yours?


The stroll of Infinity, Leonid Afremov


Birds of Infinity ~ Pris Roos


Infinity (2017), Liliya Pobornikova


Infiniti Mosaic Cool ~ Paula Ayers


Color Me Infinity, John Gryphon


Infinity ~ Christopher Westfall


Infinity: Bottlenose Dolphins at Play, Nancy Tilles


Infinity ~ Connie Pirtle


Infinity ~ Sandra Bauser


Infinity Sculpture, David C. Roy


Infinity Mirrors ~ Yayoi Kusama


INFINITY (tribute to Brancusi),  Plamen Yordanov


Infinity Tangled, Conn Ryder


Infinity, Thomas Joynes


Infinity, Samuel Daffa



Infinity Mo♥, Salvadore Dali


Infinity Blue Woman, Robert R Splashy


Infinity, Noah Maggio


Infinity,  Jacqueline Piatigorsky


Journey to Infinity, M.C. Escher


Symbol Infinity, Marina Efimenko,


View into Infinity — Ferdinand Hodler


The Infinite Recognition, Rene Magritte






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