Davide Salvadore



Chitamarra Series, Damin


Bechino Series, Bascila


Chitamuro Series, Zuali


Cocoe Series, Colando


Spingarpa Series, Anka


Tiraboson Series, Golo


Chitamarra Series, Leca


Chitamuro Series, Ingaua


Cocoe Series, Randola


Tiraboson Series, Aire


Chitamarra Series, Romin


Cocoe Series, Lulamena


Spingarpa Series, Siego


Spingarpa Series, Tambula



4 thoughts on “Davide Salvadore

    1. Could you imagine? Having an interest or admiration for something in particular, having a talent (or day job) in some particular field, and one day saying ‘hey! I’m going to try and make glass instruments!’ You know I’m kidding about the simpleness of it, but talented people aren’t afraid to try something out of the box.


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