4 thoughts on “Cloisonné in the Ming Empire

      1. I was not aware it was late 1700s. I figured it was wayyyyy earlier. To me the appeal of timeless ancient beauty is the draw. My mother has some inexpensive pieces in her home that I love that these pieces reminded me of.


      2. The Ming Dynasty ran from about 1368-1644. I love Cloisonné anyway (must be my A.D.D. fascination with small busy work) but I agree — its style is endless. A lot of the pieces I found had no date on them (I didn’t think they would), just an “era.” They still make pieces like this today. A friend of mine who toured China not long ago said she visited a factory where they make products like this. So the love is still there. These are just so old I’d hate to even breathe on them!. Thank you!

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