the Peacock Throne of Fath Ali Shah


Throne of Emperor Paul I


Golden Throne of King Tutankhamen


Dragon Throne of the Emperor of China


Napoleon’s Throne, Fontainebleau


King Edward’s Coronation Chair, England


Roman Throne


Throne of Napoleon I at the Tuileries


Danish Throne Room, Christianborg Palace


Throne of Ivan the Terrible


Chair of St. Peter, St. Peter’s Basilica


Imperial Russian Romanov Throne Chair


Throne of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sikh Empire


Throne of Napoleon, Exposition Versailles


The Silver Throne of Stockholm


Diamond Throne of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich


Throne of Charlamagne, Aachen Cathedral


The Iron Throne, Kings Landing


The Chrysanthemum Throne, Takamikura


Throne of Emperor Alexander III, Grand Palace at Gatchina, Russia


The First President Of Vietnam’s Throne


Topkapi Mughal Throne, Istanbul


Throne of Dom Pedro II


Throne of Norway


Throne of Henry VI


Throne of King William III, The Netherlands




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