Ancient Coins



Yongle Tongbao, Chinese Ming Dynasty,1403-1424



Edward III Florin, 1343


Aegina-Sea-Turtle, 550 BCE


Silver Dollar, 1804


Karshapana, 600 BCE



Electrum coin from Ephesus, 650- 25 BCE


The Portrait Denarius Of Cleopatra And Mark Antony, 32 BCE


Brasher Doubloon, 1787



Ionia. Striated; 650s BCE


Persian Daric 520 480 BCE


Flowing Hair Dollar,1794


Elephant Satavahana 30 AD 107 AD


The Akragas Decadrachm, 411 BCE


The Athens Decadrachm, 460-430 BCE



Viking Silver Penny of Eric Bloodaxe AD 947-948


The Nero Port Of Ostia Sestertius, 64 AD


The Final Ancient Coin Portrait Denarius Of Julius Caesar 44 BCE


Nektanebo II , Pharonic Kings of Egypt, 360-343 BC


Attica, Athens, 510-500 BC




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