A map does not just chart, it unlocks and formulates meaning; it forms bridges between here and there, between disparate ideas that we did not know were previously connected.

Reif Larsen


De L’Isle Map of North America, 1708


Double Hemisphere Map, George Louis Le Rouge, 1744


Ancient Rome, 1602


Cheonhado, Korea, 1800


Planisphere Celeste Meridionale, 1705


A plan of Boston and its Environs, Sir Thomas Hyde Page, 1776


Map of the Northern Sky, 1515


Map of the Ten Thousand Countries of the Earth (Kunyu wanguo quantu), 1602


Ortelius’s Map of the World, 1564


Al-Idrisi’s World Map, 1154


Leo Belgicus by Hondius & Gerritsz, 1630


World Map, 150 AD, Claudius Ptolemy


Da Ming Hun Yi Tu (Amalgamated Map of the Ming Empire), 1389


Sancai Tuhui World Map, 1607


Antique Maps of the World Double Hemisphere Map, George Louis Le Rouge, 1744


Ancient Mappe Of Fairyland, 1918


Planisphaerium Arateum Sive Compages Orbium Mundanorum Ex Hypothesi Aratea In Plano Expressa, 1660


Psalter World Map, 1265


Map of Africa, Willem Blaeu, 1640


Hemi Scenographican Australe Andreas Cellarius, 1708


War Map of Europe, 1914, Daily Mail


Pietro Vesconte mappamundi, 1320


Mappe Monde, Jean Baptiste Nolin, 1755


Mongol Dominions 1300-1405, William Shepherd (1923-26)


Missionary Map of the World, 1878


Tang Dynasty Telestial Celestial Map, 618-909



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