Rock Formations



Elephant Rock, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada




Acacus Mountains, Libya




Gibson Steps (12 Apostles), Australia




Delicate Arch, Utah



Ashima in Shilin Yunnan, People’s Republic of China




Devil’s Tower, Wyoming




Wave Rock, Australia




Arbol de Piedra, Bolivia




Devil’s Postpile, California




Domes de Fabedougou, Burkina Faso




Skull Rock, California




Man Pupu Nyor, Russia




The Hoodoos at Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Area, North Mexico




Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland





Immortal Bridge, Mt. Tai, China





Nanya Rock Formation, Taiwan





Horseshoe Bend, Arizona





Aphrodite’s Rock, Cyprus




Kannesteinen Vågsøy, Norway




Goblin Valley State Park, Utah





White Desert, Egypt





Goreme Fairy Chimneys, Turkey





Painted Cliffs, Tasmania



Valley of the Moon, Argentina




Ko Tapu Island, Thailand





Reed Flute Caves, Guangxi Province, China





Kjeragbolten, Norway

3 thoughts on “Rock Formations

  1. I love rocks, they come in all shapes and forms and I wonder how they became that shape. I also know that rocks are very very old and that fascinates me. They also harbour all sorts of treasures from a long time ago. You showed me an awesome collection of rocks. Thanks !!


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