The Millennium Star Diamond


Diamond Skull


Antique Edwardian Diamond Hat Pin


Diamond Covered iPad


Darya-e Noor Diamond


Graff Lesedi La Rona Diamond

Original Graff Lesedi La Rona Diamond



La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Pet Collar


Rough Cullinan Diamond

Cullinan I, the Great Star of Africa Diamond (530.2 carat)

Cullinan I — Sovereign’s Sceptre

Cullinan II Diamond — Imperial State Crown (317.4 carat)

The Cullinan III (lower, 94.4-carat) and Cullinan IV (upper, 63.6 carat) Diamonds

Cullinan Diamond V(18.8 carat)

Cullinan Diamonds VI (11.5 carat) and VIII Brooch (top, 6.8 carat)

Cullinan VII Diamond (11.5 carat) — Delhi Durbar Necklace

Cullinan IX Diamond (4.4 carat)



Hope Diamond


Diamond Platinum Circle Crown Brooch Fur Clip Pin


 Hortensia Diamond


Royal Diamond Chess set


Firenze Diamond Wedding Band


All Diamond Ring



L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace


The Empress Consort Crown of Russia


Real diamond nails


Napoleon Diamond Necklace


The Idol’s Eye Diamond


Montblanc Van Cleef Arpels Mystery Masterpiece Pen


The Golden Empress Diamond


Hublot Big Band Diamond Watch


Sancy Diamond


The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond


Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara


Centenary Diamond


Mercedes Diamond Car


Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond


Karma El-Khalil Diamond Trilogy Ring



9 thoughts on “Diamonds

  1. I never saw such big ones. My father, mother and brother were all diamond cutters, the diamond industry where lots of people worked in over here was in the hands of the Jews. But it changed when the work was given to countries where handwork was cheap and now there are very few people working with diamonds over here.


    1. I find that fascinating! It’s always so funny — diamonds in the rough don’t look like much. Big chunks of quartz. Since I am fascinated by everything, I have no idea how one cuts and polishes such rough stones into such amazing jewels. Are any of your family still in the diamond industry?


      1. A rough diamond is unrecognisable for someone who doesn’t know what you to look for. Both my parents are dead and my brother is a pensioner now. But he stopped cutting diamonds years ago as there was not enough work anymore as most of the work went to poor countries like Pakistan, India….Cutting small diamonds is easy, but the bigger they are the more difficult it becomes. A diamond cutter is not the first person to shape the diamond, there are more people involved before the stone can be cut, once it looks like a diamond they go to the diamondcutter, after he/she is done the stone can be sold or used in jewlery.


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