Edgar Degas



Blue Dancers


Rehearsal on the Stage


At the Mirror


Self Portrait


Madam Rene de Gas


The Star


After Adolph of Menzels Ballsouper


Mary Cassatt


After the Bath


Self Portrait in a Soft Hat


Ballet Rehearsal on Stage


Green Dancer




Zachary Zakarian


Dancers in Pink 2


Aux Ambassadeurs


Degas’ Father Listening to Lorenzo Pagans


The Absinthe Drinker


After the Bath Woman Drying Herself


Dancers in Blue


Ballet Rehearsal


Edmond Duranty


The Bellelli Family




The Orchestra of the Opera


The Laundresses




The Millinery Shop


Portrait after a Costume Ball


Woman Ironing


The Singer in Green


Two Dancers on Stage


La Toilette I


Let me know what you think of the Gallery!

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