René Magritte 


time-transfixedTime Transfixed


son-of-manThe Son of Man


the-wonders-of-natureThe Wonders of Nature



The Mysteries of Horizon


The Large Family


The Annunciation


the-lovers-2The Lovers II


the-pilgrimThe Pilgrim




the-human-conditionThe Human Condition


Painted Plaster Mask


The Glass House


The False Mirror


not-to-be-reproducedNot To Be Reproduced




Elective Affinities


47The Lost Jockey




le-blanc-seingThe Blank Signature


Memory of a Voyage


Pure Reason


Man in a Bowler Hat


The Castle of the Pyrenees


La-Thérapeute-Rene-Magritte-1941The Therapist


empty-maskEmpty Mask


memory-of-a-journeyMemory of a Journey


natural-encountersNatural Encounters


Ready-Made Bouquet


The Voice of Space


The Listening Room


The Collective Invention


La Clairvoyance




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