Crown of Saint Wenceslas



Imperial Crown of India


Crown of Peter the Great



Queen Mary’s Coronation Crown



The Portuguese Diadem of the Stars




Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire




Royal Crown of Sweden



The Helmet of Skanderbeg, Albania




Queen’s Crown of Bavaria



The Crown of Hallie Selassie


Crown of Christian V, Denmark




Crown of Empress Kunigunde



The French Crown Ruby Tiara



Kiani Crown of Persia




Royal Crown of Denmark



Great Crown - Imperial Russia - Peter Crawford

Great Crown – Imperial Russia



Crown of Queen Isabella II



The Cameo Tiara, Sweden



Crown of Bolesław I, Poland



Queen Therese of Bavaria Tiara



Crown of St. Louis, France



Royal Crown of Bavaria



Crown of Princess Katherina Heckel von Donnersmarck, Russia




Tiara of Pope Pius IX



Swedish Wedding Crown



Cambridge Lover’s Knot Crown



Marie Alexandrove Tiara, Russia



The Minor Imperial Crown of Russia



Holy Crown of Hungary



Iron Crown, Italy



The Papal Tiara, Vatican



The Fife Tiara, England



Crown of Queen Isabella, Spain



Crown of King Martin I of Sicily and Aragon





Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara, England



The Portland Sapphire Tiara, England



Crown of Louis XV of France




Crown of King Henry VIII, England



Crown of Finland



Crown of Iran



St. Edward’s Crown, England



Royal Crown of Spain



Monomacho Crown, Hungary




2 thoughts on “Crowns

  1. Fascinating collection. Does anyone know why the basic design of all these crowns from around the world resemble each other? And how did it come about that royalty in all these countries wore similar crowns as well as having the craftsmen to make them?


    1. Great wonderings. I thought most crowns were designed as the “stars of heaven” pattern on the pinnacle points of the crown. I just made that up, but it might be fun to research it. Thank you for keeping my mind busy!


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